Sunday, March 4, 2012

How job finding websites could improve

...not to say that they should improve.

...inconveniences are sometimes for the better...

Although only about 15% of jobs are advertised online, many people rely on sites like Monster and Career Builder to look for jobs. I'll go over how some of these sites could improve so that people could apply for jobs at a faster rate.

Career Builder has the option of applying for money jobs at once, but if you do it this way you can't send a cover letter. I used to think there should be a button to check all of the check boxes at once, but then I figured that too many people would mindlessly apply for any job and waste space in employer's inboxes (there is probably too much of that already.) Career Builder could, on the other hand, filter out jobs which you've already applied for from the list of jobs to 'Quick Apply':

CareerBuilder Quick Apply

Already applied for this job.

Employers might automatically filter duplicate applications, not that its a big deal either way but since millions of people use these sites it could be fixed. SoloGig is a job seeking site for IT professionals and its a partner of CareerBuilder which only allows you to apply for one job at a time. In fact, most job finding websites only let you apply for one job at a time. Maybe little inconveniences like this are good for making applicants put some thought into the jobs they apply, such as not applying for jobs which they're not qualified for.

Which job finding websites do you think should improve, and how so?

Most people who get jobs these days can do so because they network with the right people. Don't rely too much on these websites.

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