Saturday, March 3, 2012

Google Adsense: Too good to last

Adsense Publishers: Are you afraid of your account being terminated?

Google Adsense is obviously not a scam since its directly through google which everyone knows about and uses all of the time. Most valid clicks you receive through this network allow you to earn between 5 cents and $3.00. Five cents isn't common and its not to say that no valid clicks are even lower than that. I suppose its possible to earn more than $3.00 from a click but it would have to be rare. Other PPC (Pay Per Click) networks can't even compete with Google Adsense, probably because they can't really afford to pay more.

I might compare having a google adsense account to working at Target: Its easy to get hired, and easy to get fired. If it weren't for the relatively high chance of getting terminated from Google Adsense, I'd say its "pretty good" in the world of affiliate marketing. People who claim to have followed all of the rules have gotten their adsense accounts terminated. Much of the time, its probably not even a human decision, but an algorithm which stays on the lookout for invalid clicks which will assume that the google adsense publisher clicks their own ads if there is too many clicks from their geographical location, too many clicks per impression, too many people staying on the advertised site for just a second and clicking the back button, etc.

<----- Was that a run on sentence?

It sucks, but don't take it personally

Seekyt has recently lost their own Google Adsense privileges. They claim that the reason is unspecified, and the replacement at Seekyt will be InfoLinks as well as Chitika. At the same time they opened up a new website called This website is another Google Adsense revenue sharing website for people who submit articles (the writer keeps 70% of revenue generated from clicks on this site, while the rest goes to the website owners.) They probably started this new site because their Adsense account was terminated. A different co-owner of Seekyt / TopicSpotter would have just used their Adsense account for the revenue sharing at TopicSpotter, since its only possible to have one Adsense account (your name and social security number are required for signup.)

Have no fear, there are plenty of Cost Per Action affiliate programs to join. This is when the website fills out a form of some type, and the affiliate receives a commission on that alone (they don't even have to make a purchase for you to receive a commission.) Commissions can range from one cent all the way up to $100+ dollars (the later mentioned figure would be something like signing up for a new bank, credit card, or loan.)

Would you like to earn $20 per free debt consultation lead or $33 per call generated from your website? Learn more and sign up for CuraDebt's pay per lead affiliate program.

In the meantime, I recommend that you follow the policies of Google Adsense as much as possible, because you have a very good chance of being able to keep it as well.

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