Sunday, March 4, 2012

Want to buy some $1 trial offers for affiliate marketing products? Look further than ClickBank.

When you go to the ClickBank marketplace and click on a category, you'll see some options for screening and sorting different products to shop for, or become affiliates for. There is a filter for $1 trials, which should show you such offers once checked.

$1 trial attribute on clickbank

the $1 trial symbol on clickbank

I clicked that and one of the sites which came up is Coffee Shop Millionaire. Like many CB products it gives a video presentation and but this one makes you watch the whole thing before giving a link to the shopping cart. It does not have a $1 trial offer, at least not anymore. So, I ended up leaving the website and I ended up having this dialogue with a "online live agent."

Angel Says:Hey Wait!! I have just been authorized to give the next 10 leaving visitors an additional $10 discount so you can get started for just $27, this discount is extremely limited so if you want to see whats generated over $21 Million online from 100% FREE traffic, just CLICK HERE


Angel Says:And with our 60 day Money Back guarantee you can purchase with confidence, if you aren't satisfied then we will buy back your membership and you can KEEP all your profits! That's how sure we are the Coffee Shop Millionaire will work for you!

You:I have some questions.

You:Does this program offer a one dollar trial?

Angel Says:Once you have your list, which remember you haven't paid a Cent for, you can rent it out just like Anthony did! Usually renting it out 2-3 times a month at between $8000 to $10000 you make a Guaranteed $16,000 per month

You:Can you stop and listen to me, I have some questions...

Angel Says:Could you try rephrasing the question?

You:What's so hard to understand about the questions I'm asking?

Angel Says:I'll do my very best to assist you, please ask away:)

You:You are a bot, clearly...

Angel Says:I am a live virtual agent :)

Angel Says:So do you want to take advantage of this great limited time offer?
You:You're not human though...

Angel Says:You dont need any special technical skills to make Coffee Shop Millionaire work for you. For the LOW fee of $27 (Normally $37) we can show you how.

Angel Says:Would you like to get started? CLICK HERE

You:If the site owner is a millionaire he would probably hire humans as agents

Angel Says:It’s simple―you can use this system to make a “job-quitting” income for yourself (and to live life 100% on your terms). And if for any reason you don’t love it, just let us know within 60 days, and you get all your money fair is that?

You:hehehehe Intellichat isn't so intelligent after all...

Angel Says:My intelligent chat agent software was produced by if you are interested in using my services on your website feel free to put in an application at our website.

IntelliChat on CoffeeShopMillionaire

So, its powered by a service called IntelliChat, which is meant to try and keep the visitors on the site and make a purchase. Not a bad idea, if the agent isn't human you won't be paying by the hour and it can still get a message across.

CoffeeShopMillionaire is one site which shouldn't have come up in the results that I selected, and Affiliate Cash Snipers is another one. It has a 'free trial' for the 'most advanced sniping topics', however, as seen on its order form.

Not to say its not worth browsing ClickBank products for one dollar trial periods for affiliate products, in fact it is worth it. But CB needs to fix that.

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