Friday, June 1, 2012

Do you want to tell me what your favorite affiliate program is?

I honestly don't want to tell you what my favorite ones are, or the ones I use outside of this blog. Why? Because I don't want to create competition for myself. If I revealed the ones that work well for me, I might find you on forums promoting that same product. The ability to copy other affiliate marketers is a gift, and sort of a curse right at the same time.

I'm only trying to make a point here, its not that you're supposed to be at any loss if you don't hear about what kind of affiliate marketing I do. I can tell you that one of my niches is travel, and I use networks like ClickBank, Commission Junction, and ShareASale. I'd rather not be as specific as this made up example:

"I promote Pay Day Loan products, and I've gotten most of my leads by putting links to my website on Yahoo Answers, Google Groups, and forums where I read about people struggling financially."

Would you ever be that specific about your efforts to make money online, if they weren't your spouse or business partner? I personally don't see any good reason for it. Internet Marketing is quite competitive, and with tools that let you see your competitor's back links, and with the ability to take someone's article and spin it into something unique, it sure is easier to copy an online marketer's business model than a brick and mortar store. 

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