Thursday, May 31, 2012

How to be unsuccessful with internet marketing

Adopt the following practices, attitudes, and beliefs to be unsuccessful with internet marketing.

Believe everything that the gurus say, and make assumptions on a regular basis. Be sure to subscribe to all of their mailing lists and buy any internet marketing tool that you can afford.

Have an attitude that its OK to spam your content to people, because its top priority for you to make money. Whether or not people get irritated and report you is their choice and not worth being concerned over. 

SEO is just a myth and its not remotely important. Put whatever content you want on your website, in any way you'd like... if the website visitor can't relate, they probably don't know any English and they're just not important. 

Don't bother having a contact form or commenting system on your website. People will probably just send you stupid messages, and people will leave spam comments. 'User generated content' doesn't contribute to SEO at all (its just a myth anyways, like I said before!)

It is fine to blog as little as once a month if you'd like. Whatever makes you feel best is fine, just live for the day and don't waste your life away with hard work.

The products are what brings in the cash, and allows you to pay bills and live your life. So make sure to put affiliate products and other offers all over your website. Make sure that they're just banner ads so that they stick out. That way, people will get bored when browsing your website and you'll generate some revenue with such a tactic. (Did you hear what I just said? Boring content + lots of ads == Success. This is the best kept secret of top internet marketers.) 

Don't bother putting images on your website. People are their to learn new things and get information. You might look like a lazy blogger if you chose to do this. 

- A few of the above tips actually apply to this blog. -

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