Monday, December 12, 2011

Clear the cobwebs: Abandon a niche

Is there any niche you engage in which you're getting sick of for whatever reason, or you even question why you get involved in it in the first place?

Why not stop your involvement today (or tomorrow), and don't plan on getting back into it. You may as well clear away some of the old to make room for new and exciting things.

Do you have a specific point?

Something prompted me to write this blog post. This has been an empty blog for a while, up until now. This blog was plastered with "make money online" themes and to a lesser extent, SEO. I don't want to write about that crap anymore. Yeah, I called it crap simply because the internet is over saturated with such articles, many of which are not unique at all with the obvious purpose of "Please sign up for this money making machine so that I can receive a commission!" Making money online in and of itself is not bullshit, and neither is SEO. In fact, I find SEO to be a very exciting topic. I just don't like these worthless spammers who constantly write about these things because they make it seem as if it might be worthless to someone who doesn't really know anything about these two topics.

I will give one piece of advice about making money online, and if you want to learn more you'll need to seek out such information yourself, I won't even recommend any websites for it.

Are you ready?

If you want to make a decent amount of money online in a legal way, you've got to have skills to offer. This could be web design, writing, different forms of art like graphic design, etc. A company is not likely to hire you online - Making money online usually involves being self employed. If you do searches for online jobs, get rich quick, or paid surveys, a lot of sketchy looking websites with false promises will show up in the results.

...Making a living through the internet, or any form is self employment for that matter, is not for the weak, the stupid, or the lazy.

Another thing: Don't bother taking surveys to try and earn money. They are not necessarily scams, but they pay lower than minimum wage when they do pay - and you would probably find them so boring that your head might explode. If you planned on mindlessly clicking any answer on a survey just to get it done with as quick as possible, they will pick up on that later, if not sooner and they'll terminate you from the program.

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